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Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a stroke survivor, fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, proud cat mom to a wonderful emotional support animal, and dedicated to helping stroke survivors stay active in both life and their therapy post-stroke.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle! At 25 years old a serious car accident put me in a coma that forever changed my life. I awoke from that coma to learn I had had a stroke. In the following year I had to learn to walk, talk, and eat all over again. I was depressed and apathetic in my life for years.

I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Colorado and, thankfully, was forced to engage in life again. I walked everyday with my aunt, went hiking in the Rockies and enjoyed reading in the sunshine on the back deck. My uncle asked what my future plans were. I had not given any thought to the future because in my 25 year old mind my life was over. I couldn’t use my left hand and had suffered serious physical injuries from the car accident. But my uncle got me thinking and I got home from that trip and applied to a college (my uncle’s alum), was accepted, and 6 months later moved from Florida to South Dakota. Read more

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