Author: Mj Jens

  • Mindset for Stroke Recovery

    Mindset for Stroke Recovery

    Learning what kind of mindset a stroke survivor needs when on the arduous journey of recovery. I ran across a post of someone asking others what they might do differently in therapy if they knew then what they know now about stroke and recovery. It got me thinking. My immediate answer (and the one I […]

  • The Truth Behind the Impossible

    The Truth Behind the Impossible

    Stroke Recovery Statistics and Truths of Improvements Time is so important in stroke recovery; it can work both for us and against us. I lost 9.5 years before I saw an OT in December 2018 who really worked with me on my hand. She honestly told me that time was against me, but that it […]

  • Stroke basics broken down

    Stroke basics broken down

    What I wish I had known Post-Stroke Pt #1 Education & Statistics I never understood exactly, by definition, what a stroke was. Now I know it is the sudden death of brain cells caused by a lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen is either caused by a blockage of blood flow (ischemic) or the […]

  • Tracking Therapy Post-stroke

    Tracking Therapy Post-stroke

    My favorite part of my post-graduate studies was by far the research. I like trying to solve a problem, testing different hypotheses, and coming up with a solution or finding the next steps to get to a solution. When conducting research, one of the most important things you must do is to take notes and […]

  • Finding my Stroke Strength

    Finding my Stroke Strength

    Once my car accident and stroke happened, I was helpless and hopeless. I never thought about the future, I was apathetic. I was stuck. I just felt pity for myself. Two years after that car accident my aunt and uncle invited me to visit them in Colorado.  My aunt and I went for walks on the trails […]