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  • Stroke basics broken down
    What I wish I had known Post-Stroke Pt #1 Education & Statistics I never understood exactly, by definition, what a stroke was. Now I know it is the sudden death of brain cells caused by a lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen is either caused by a blockage of blood flow (ischemic) or the […]
  • Tracking Therapy Post-stroke
    My favorite part of my post-graduate studies was by far the research. I like trying to solve a problem, testing different hypotheses, and coming up with a solution or finding the next steps to get to a solution. When conducting research, one of the most important things you must do is to take notes and […]
  • Finding my Stroke Strength
    Once my car accident and stroke happened, I was helpless and hopeless. I never thought about the future, I was apathetic. I was stuck. I just felt pity for myself. Two years after that car accident my aunt and uncle invited me to visit them in Colorado.  My aunt and I went for walks on the trails […]

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Hi! I’m Michelle
I’m a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, cat mom, and dedicated to helping stroke survivors stay active in both life and their therapy post-stroke.

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